Royal Caribbean Wedding Calendar
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Saying "I do" with Royal Romance is simple.
Wedding CalendarWedding Calendar

Paradise Shipboard

Weddings onboard, while in port

Wed onboard before the cruise sets sail. Or marry
onboard while docked at a beautiful port... (more)

Wedding CalendarWedding Calendar

Royal Romance at Sea

Weddings onboard, while cruising

Since the beginning of time, the sea has romanced explorers, poets, and lovers alike. Now it can be the awe-inspiring backdrop to your wedding... (more)

Wedding CalendarWedding Calendar

Paradise Destination

Wedding ceremonies held on land

On a tropical island in the Caribbean. Or on a pink-sand beach in Bermuda. Cruise to an unforgettable destination... (more)

Wedding CalendarWedding Calendar

Royal Proposal

Royal Romance can arrange an unforgettable moment with everything you need to "pop the question" in style.

Whether you're asking that special someone to spend the rest of their... (more)

Wedding CalendarWedding Calendar

Royal Devotions

Royal Romance can create a unique symbolic ceremony with thoughtful details like flowers, sparkling wine and photography service... (more)